Ice Cream

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? -Day 10

Note: Not another blog post. Another fiction-y type post. Enjoy! 🙂

He was like ice cream.

Cool and refreshing on a warm, summer day. He made me laugh during my worst hours; always a smile on his handsome face. During my bleakest and loneliest of moments, he was like summer and he was marvelous.

He was like ice cream.

Smooth as milk; he had the ability to charm even the grumpiest of old ladies. With just a smile and a kind word from him, they’d blush and titter like school girls. He had that effect on everyone. He had that effect on me.

He was like ice cream.

Sweet like sugar that melted on your tongue; he was as slick as honey, as satisfying as any treat. It seemed sinful to want him too much; it seemed wrong to feel too much for one thing. As if desiring him, yearning for him would make me sick.

He was like ice cream.

Every other flavor couldn’t hold a candle to him. He wasn’t plain as vanilla, as sinful as chocolate. He was a character all his own. I had tried so many different flavors– coffee, mint chip, strawberry… But I’d always come back to him.

He was my favorite flavor.

He was like ice cream.

Cold and irritating when I wasn’t prepared for his intensity. He had the ability to hurt me; to cause me pain and to numb my senses all in the same excruciating moment. It would start dull and then reverberate into a cacophony of things I can’t even begin to describe.  But it hurt me because he hurt me. Even when I didn’t expect it, he’d end up numbing my heart with his bluntness… Breaking it without even trying.

He was like ice cream.

Transient. Fleeting. Time had no control over his ways. And when the moment came, he’d melt and disappear; evaporate into the atmosphere. Nothing would remain but remnants of the flavors of him; of his sweetness, and of his smoothness, and of his coldness. Nothing but a memory of what it was like to have him and to hold him. To love him.

He was like ice cream.

He was my ice cream.

PS: My real favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla as lame as that sounds. Sometimes I go out of my comfort zone and get peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookie dough, and mint chocolate chip, but vanilla will always be my love. 😉


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